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Press Turn Combat

The series' simple but rewarding turn-based Press Turn Combat system is back, with new skills and gameplay elements. Turn the tides of battle in your favor by targeting your enemy's weaknesses to gain extra actions before your enemies do!
Keep targeting your enemies' weaknesses to gain more actions! Some demons now have their own exclusive skills!

Magatsuhi Skills

Allies who share the same alignments will give you access to even more abilities.
Your Magatsuhi Gauge fills up throughout the course of battle. Once the gauge is full, you'll be able to trigger special abilities known as Magatsuhi Skills. From dealing heavy damage to healing and buffing your party, there are now over 50 Magatsuhi Skills to leverage—some of which are exclusive to certain types of demon.

Innate Skills

All demons now possess innate skills—passive skills that give you an extra edge in battle. Some may power up your attacks when certain demons are present, while others aid you when negotiating with demons! These innate skills add an extra layer of strategy   to the way you assemble your party.
Blessed Melody Four Heavenly Kings Demonic Mediation

Guest characters

As the story progresses, humans characters may participate as allies in battle. These characters can fight like demon allies, as well as use items.
Ichiro and Yuzuru can use the demon summoning program to add even more allies to your side.

Consecutive Encounters

After defeating an enemy, another demon may appear to continue the battle. This fight will become tougher than usual, but winning will grant you additional Macca and EXP, as well as a higher likelihood of items dropping. To aim for bigger bonuses, look for areas where more enemies are gathered.

Demon Conversations

Strike up conversations with your opponents and turn them into your demonic allies!Each demon has unique speech patterns and preferences—Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance adds even more to create even livelier interactions.

황폐한 또 하나의 도쿄 Da'at

The story unfolds in real-world Tokyo and  Da'at , a vast, decimated Tokyo where demons rule and attack anyone who dares stand in their way. Explore a variety of areas, including ruined buildings, dunes, and abstract structures.
Explore Da'at: Shinjuku, an all-new region!

Navigate through a vast overworld

Various items and objects are scattered throughout the desolate landscapes of Da'at, waiting for you to find them.

Demon Navigator

A demonic ally can aid you as you explore each corner of Da'at. While they can't join you in battle, they'll notify you when they find items and Magatsu Rails.

Magatsu Rails

Throughout your journey, you'll encounter paths made of Magatsuhi that connect two areas of Da'at together. Use them to take shortcuts or find hidden areas that are normally inaccessible!

Aogami Husks

By examining Aogami Husks in Da'at, you can obtain Aogami Essences and gain new abilities in battle. You can re-obtain Essences from husks you already examined after a certain amount of time has passed.

Magatsuhi Demons

From time-to-time, you'll encounter foes who radiate an aura made of Magatsuhi. They might have powerful skills at their command, but if you can best them in battle, you can get incenses and other valuable items!

Magatsuhi Crystals

Look out for glowing crystals while exploring Da'at! Green Magatsuhi Crystals will replenish your HP, yellow Magatsuhi Crystals will recover your MP, and red Magatsuhi Crystals raise your Magatsuhi gauge.


If you spot a large red landmark sprouting in the ground of Da'at, you've found an abscess: a territory full of demons who'll attack anyone who comes near. Once you destroy an Abscess, you'll gain a new Miracle!

Treasure Chests and Amalgams

Yellow treasure chests provide items and Macca, while silver Amalgams grant you Glory!

Cadaver's Hollow

To buy items with your Macca or sell relics, visit the keeper of Cadaver's Hollow, Gustave. Simply find a leyline fount and head on down!


Through the vending machines located around Da'at, you'll be able to find relics! Bring them back to Gustave and sell them for some extra Macca.

Demon Haunts

By using the leyline founts, you can access demon haunts: places where the Nahobino can converse with his demonic allies and give them gifts. Feel free to view them using the free camera mode!
Depending on how you play, you might trigger special conversations that give you items or strengthen your allies!
You can also interact with Aogami at demons haunts! From time-to-time, chats with him will boost your abilities.

Demon Fusion

Work with Sophia, the ruler of the World of Shadows, to fuse your demon allies and create powerful new ones. To reach the World of Shadows, just go to any leyline!
The mysterious ruler of the World of Shadows. She has come from a plane far beyond reality as a guide to both the world and the Nahobino.
Fuse two demons together with Dyad Fusion Special Fusion Reverse Fusion Fuse elements using Elemental Fusion