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The story starts with two different story paths. The first, Canon of Creation, follows the original story told in Shin Megami Tensei V. The second, Canon of Vengeance, features a completely story—a dramatic tale of revenge by the fallen. Canon of Vengeance will diverge from Canon of Creation midway, resulting in a completely different ending.
Canon of Creation (Shin Megami Tensei V Story)

Canon of Vengeance

As demons attack mankind and plunge the world into chaos, Bethel, an organization lead by angels, rises up against them. While navigating the mysterious realm of Da'at, the protagonist has a life-changing encounter with Yoko Hiromine. With magic at their disposal, they soon find themselves on the front line of battle. However, the Qadištu—a faction of four demons—stands in their way. "And so we have found it...The key to the resurrection..." Lilith, one of the Qadištu, proclaims herself a "Fallen One" and calls the protagonist "the key to the resurrection. "What is she scheming? The tale of the Fallen Ones'vengeance begins..."

The Fallen Ones The Qadištu

I, Lilith of the Qadištu, shall return the world to its true form.
A woman said to be Adam's first wife in the Old Testament. She is believed to have become a demon after being expelled from Paradise, and she now leads Qadištu. To fulfill a certain goal, she stands firmly against the protagonist.
Now wail and lament! Your anguish shall become the Magatsuhi that I seek!
A member of the Qadištu referred to as the "Mother of All Demons." As the most carnal of the four, she is a seductress said to be so beautiful that mortals, demons, and even angels fall to her charms.
Now, tell me... what part of yourselves do you hate most?
Eisheth Zenunim
A member of the Qadištu known to lure people to their doom. According to Jewish myths, she eats the souls of the damned. She attacks and steals the souls of humans under the pretense of giving them salvation.
I shall dispense a punishment. May your existence be lost to darkness.
Agrat bat Mahlat
A member of the Qadištu infamous as the queen of demons. She is also called "the demon who dances on the roof," as she is said to wander the air with a horde of messengers of destruction.

STORY Canon of Creation

You are a third-year student at Jouin High School, whose peaceful life is torn asunder. After a tunnel collapse, you are thrust into Da'at: a ravaged version of Tokyo where demons run rampant. You become an unholy being—a Nahobino—by fusing with a mysterious man known as Aogami, and find yourself in the middle of a battle between mythical deities and the demonic forces. In Da'at, the demons of legends now awaken from the darkness and aim to conquer Tokyo and all of mankind. Alongside your classmates Yuzuru Atsuta and Ichiro Dazai, who use the demon summoning program to fight back against demons, you must serve as a member of Bethel and use your powers as a Nahobino to protect Tokyo.