You'll be on a roll before you know it! A must-have party game that's totally bananas!

Battle Mode

A new game mode where you can face off against up to 15 players online!
  • Race

    A variety of courses filled with gimmicks to trip you up. The first player to the goal wins!

  • Banana Hunt

    Collect the most bananas before the timer runs out to be crowned the winner!

  • Robot Smash

    Ram into robots to smash them into smithereens! Can you smash the high score?

  • Ba-BOOM

    Pass the bomb to your opponents before it explodes!

  • Goal Rush

    Split into 2 teams, and make a peel for the goal! The one with the most points wins!

Get ready to rumble and tumble online with your friends or players from around the world!

  • *A paid subscription to Nintendo Switch Online is required for online play.

Adventure Mode

Roll your way to the goal within the time limit!
Featuring 200 New Stages!

Up to 4 players can use one Nintendo Switch™ console to play.
Online mode also allows up to 4 players to play together!

New Ability

Spin Dash

Move at high speeds and leap onto platforms to take on various stages!
Send your rivals flying and claim victory!


A wide selection of Costume Items is available!
Personalize your character with over 300 Costume Items!

  • You cannot apply customization items to characters from the SEGA Pass.
    Only the 7 default characters can use customization items.


  • Select AiAi
  • Select MeeMee
  • Select Baby
  • Select GonGon
  • Select YanYan
  • Select Doctor
  • NEW! Select Palette
  • NEW! Select Sonic
  • NEW! Select Tails
  • NEW! Select Knuckles
  • NEW! Select Amy
  • NEW! Select Beat
  • NEW! Select Axel
  • AiAi

    Our banana-loving protagonist who's always got bananas on his mind. He's a happy-go-lucky guy who can be a bit scatterbrained at times, but never fails to come through.

  • MeeMee

    A stylish monkey who's got her stuff together. While she loves AiAi, she's a bit frustrated that he doesn't pay her enough attention.

  • Baby

    AiAi and MeeMee's child from the future. He may be young and pampered, but he does what he's gotta do!

  • GonGon

    A super strong monkey that loves working out. GonGon used to be AiAi's rival, but now they're best buds!

  • YanYan

    A mischievous little girl. Since learning Hachi-en-Ken—the mightiest monkey martial art—from her father, she has nothing to fear.

  • Doctor

    A monkey that one day washed up on Monkey Island with amnesia. The other monkeys gave him the moniker "Doctor" because of his brilliant inventions.

  • Palette

    An adventurer searching for the Legendary Banana to find her father. Drawing, treasure, and all things that glitter put a smile on this monkey's face. Her sharp observation skills allow her to see through traps with ease.

  • Sonic

    The world's fastest hedgehog. Never one to stay put, this blue speedster is always on the move,and now he's rolling at the speed of sound across the landscapes of Juicy Island!

    *available as dlc or included in sega pass

  • Tails

    Sonic's best friend and a sidekick he can always rely on!
    His unique second tail lets him speed up and take to the skies.
    Now, watch him tailblaze to the finish line in Super Monkey Ball!

    *available as dlc or included in sega pass

  • Knuckles

    The last of his kind and lone guardian of the Master Emerald.
    His immense strength and cunning let him tackle any foe.
    He's set his sights on the rumble unfolding on Juicy Island!

    *available as dlc or included in sega pass

  • Amy

    An aspiring adventurer who's finding her strength and courage.
    Once she's made up her mind to do something, she'll see it through to the end,whether it be exploring, battling, or rolling her way to victory!

    *available as dlc or included in sega pass

  • Beat

    Rolling all the way from Tokyo-to, this enigmatic and funky renegade graffiti artist is ready to glide, grind, and roll as he joins the monkey gang for a friendly rumble!

    *available as dlc or included in sega pass

  • Axel

    A thrill-seeking crazy taxi driver who has landed on Juicy Island in search of adventure and serious coinage.

    *available as dlc or included in sega pass

Monkey around with a wide selection of characters!
A new character, Palette, joins the bunch!


  • Title
    Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble
  • Platform
    Nintendo Switch™
  • Scheduled Release
    June 25, 2024
  • Suggested Retail Price
    Physical and Digital Versions: SGD 34.9
  • Genre
  • Players
    1-4 (Up to 16 people when online)
  • Developer / Distributor
  • Copyright notice