Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble Update Details

  • ver.1.10 Release Date:

    Update Details

    • Fixed the color of Sonic's ball.
    • Adjusted Sonic's parameters, increasing his overall stats.
    • Made minor adjustments to the layout of the Adventure Mode stage Acrobatics.
    • Added the Sky Highway stage to Battle Mode.
    • Tweaked the layouts of the Battle Mode stages Cookie Circuit, Lightning Road, Rustic Temple, and Farm Frenzy.
    • Added a new matchmaking feature that prevents players who have cheated from joining your room when battling or playing with random people.
    • Improved the precision of the Reset Camera function.
    • Improved the Bat's chances of landing of a strike in Battle Mode.
    • Added support for additional content.
    • Improved game stability.
    • Other minor bug fixes, including miscellaneous fixes to screens and animations.

  • ver.1.01 Release Date:

    Update Details

    • Improved the frame rate of Adventure Mode when playing in Online Play, Local Multiplayer, and Local Communication.
    • Adjusted matchmaking so that players kicked out of a room cannot rejoin.
    • Enabled the option to adjust the dead zone settings.
    • Added support for additional content.
    • Improved game stability.
    • Improved performance when the console lacks sufficient free space for save data.
    • Adjusted screens and animations.
    • Other minor bug fixes.

    *To participate in Online Play or Local Communication, all players must have their games updated to the latest version. If you are having difficulty connecting, try updating the game.

    How to update your game

    If your Nintendo Switch console is connected to the internet and "Auto-Update Software" is set to "On", updates will be downloaded automatically.

    ■How to update your game manually
    If you don't have automatic updates turned on, you can update your game by hovering over the Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble icon in the Home Menu and pressing the + button on your controller. Select "Software Update" followed by "Via the Internet" to update your game manually.

    ■How to update your game via nearby users
    Even if you're currently unable to connect to the Internet, you can use local communication to make your version of software match that of the people you're playing it with.

    【Version matching procedure】
    1. While the game is closed, hover over the Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble icon in the Home Menu and press the + button on your controller.
    2. Select "Software Update," then select "Match Version with Local Users".
    3. Designate one user to select "Create Group". All the other users should then select "Join Group".

    From there, please follow the on-screen instructions.