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[Apology]To customers who purchased the SONIC COLORS ULTIMATE Asia (English) version


PS4PS5問卷調查實施期間2021年12月24日 23時59分截止

(PS5・PS4・Xbox Series X|S・XboxOne)審判之逝:湮滅的記憶

PS4Switch問卷調查實施期間2021年12月9日 23時59分截止

(PS4・Switch)索尼克 繽紛色彩究極版

Switch問卷調查實施期間2021年12月2日 23時59分截止



PS4PS5问卷调查实施时间至2021年12月24日 23时59分截止

(PS5・PS4・Xbox Series X|S・XboxOne)审判之逝:湮灭的记忆

Switch问卷调查实施时间至2021年12月9日 23时59分截止

(PS4・Switch)索尼克 缤纷色彩 究极版

Switch问卷调查实施时间至2021年12月2日 23时59分截止



Switch설문조사 기간 2021년 12월 9일 23시59분 까지

(PS4・Switch)소닉 컬러즈 울티메이트

Switch설문조사 기간 2021년 12월 2일 23시59분 까지

(Switch)룬 팩토리 5


To customers who purchased the SONIC COLORS ULTIMATE Asia (English) version,
Within the manual that comes with the game,
details pertaining to participating in a survey were included.
However, due to a variety of outstanding reasons, we have had to cancel the survey for the Asia (English) version.
We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.
We greatly appreciate your understanding.