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The brand-new PV for ENDLESS Dungeon has been released!

The brand-new PV for ENDLESS Dungeon has been released!

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About ENDLESS™ Dungeon

After your spaceship wrecks, you're barely able to make your way to an abandoned space station.
However, waiting inside are vicious monsters and a constantly-changing endless dungeon!
The crystal holds the key to escape.
Using the unique abilities of your heroes, protect it while heading toward The Core!
The dungeon is unforgiving.
Try over and over with your comrades, and aim to create the strongest team!
ENDLESS™ Dungeon is a roguelite escape game with endless gameplay
Standard Edition
  • Base Game

  • 'Pioneer Elite' Skin Pack Available until 24th October 2023

  • 'Dawn of the End' Skin Pack Available until 24th October 2023

  • 'Die-Hard Elite' Skin Pack

  • 'Crystal Search' Card Game

  • 'Reckless Squad' Physical Artbook

  • 'Reckless Squad' Digital Artbook

  • Digital Original Soundtrack

  • 34.9 SGD / 1,295 PHP / 890 THB
    24.52 IDR / 24.79 MYR

Last Wish Edition
DIGITAL / Physical
Last Wish Edition
  • Base Game

  • 'Pioneer Elite' Skin Pack Available until 24th October 2023(Digital only)

  • 'Dawn of the End' Skin Pack Available until 24th October 2023(Digital only)

  • 'Die-Hard Elite' Skin Pack

  • 'Crystal Search' Card Game

  • 'Reckless Squad' Physical Artbook

  • 'Reckless Squad' Digital Artbook

  • Digital Original Soundtrack

  • 49.9 SGD / 1,895 PHP / 1,240 THB
    35.04 IDR / 36.15 MYR

Day One Edition
Day One Edition
  • Base Game

  • 'Pioneer Elite' Skin Pack

  • 'Dawn of the End' Skin Pack

  • 'Die-Hard Elite' Skin Pack

  • 'Crystal Search' Card Game

  • 'Reckless Squad' Physical Artbook

  • 'Reckless Squad' Digital Artbook

  • Digital Original Soundtrack


Protect your crystal from monsters as you try to escape!

The dungeons are randomly generated and will look different on each attempt!
With your band of heroes, protect the crystal—the key to your escape—as you make for The Core.
An endless horde of monsters inside the dungeon will constantly attack the crystal.
Can you make your escape while protecting it from the waves of enemies?

Form a party from a colorful cast of heroes!

Each hero has a class and skills.
There are a wide variety of skills in the game, including ones that deal explosive AOE damage to monsters, and ones that restore HP.
Up to three players can join forces to escape the dungeon.
You can still try to go it alone, but the multiplayer is the highlight of the game! Your crew of heroes will grow as you progress through the game.
Create the ideal party and face all sorts of challenges head-on!

Utilize your resources efficiently to conquer the dungeon!

As you progress through the dungeon, you'll acquire useful resources that'll aid your escape.
Use them to create turrets, upgrade weapons, and upgrade your heroes' skills!
These resources can be found scattered throughout the dungeon and collected from defeated monsters.
However, they are also limited, so you'll have to figure out how to use them efficiently!


Not sure how 'Real good at dying' will look on my resumé.

Class: Damage
Role: Headbanger

Mad Shred - Damage increases with rate of kills / number of kills

Sonic Boom - Projects AOE damage wave in front of hero / direction hero is facing

Deathmosh - Weakens monsters and boosts hero

Occupation: Mercenary and metalhead
Likes: Loud noises, strong drinks, reckless behavior
Dislikes: Silence, herbal tea, jazz

Zed doesn't remember how she got here—or much at all of that week.
She was on leave with the squad at the festival; there was a stage, dancing, singing (ok, screaming), and music so metal it was more tactile than sonic.
Sensations of heat, thirst, blinding lights, and then sweet, sweet oblivion. A ship to nowhere, or fate finally making claim upon a life well-lived?



Nobody is above the law—or the need for good manners.

Bunker was conceived and constructed as a part of an autonomous police unit tasked to track down criminals and illegal life forms.
Though unrelentingly civil and polite, Bunker does not put up with lawbreakers, corruption, or rudeness.



I'm just here to make things interesting.

Class: Zone Control / AOE Damage / Damage
Role: Owlhoot

Afterburn - Percent chance to add fire damage to target

Hive Mine - Area damage explosives that trigger with a brief delay after enemy contact

Brimstone - Robot arm launches bombs that target nearby enemies

Occupation: Explosives expert
Likes: Explosions, consuming
Dislikes: Vegans, watered-down drinks, timidity

Blaze is the sole survivor—well, the sole active survivor—of a gang of banditos who actually came to the Station on purpose, thinking they could make a big score. Hint: They couldn't.
Now Blaze is stuck in the Saloon, trying to make their dream come true—finding that one bit of loot they originally came for.
Ugly rumor might have it that Blaze's adoration of explosives has led to incidents of "friendly fragmentation".



Everything is better with flowers, roots, and herbs.

Class: Support / Healer
Role: Medic

Wincense - Increases "Soul" stock per killed monster in the room

Soul Patch - Heals fellow heroes by spending "Souls"

Special Mix - Increases Health regeneration, defense, and prevents death

Occupation: Ex-undertaker
Likes: Plants, flowers, greenery, being appreciated
Dislikes: Stress, responsibility, anything inorganic

Shroom's opinion—shared by few others—is that every solid team needs a "plant whisperer".
Since her services as undertaker are no longer required, she has taken to talking up her incenses, herbal remedies, and potions as having powers akin to miracle panaceas.
Living somewhere in that gray zone between "apothecary" and "snake oil salesman", Shroom does her best to keep the squad alive with whatever roots, herbs, flowers, leaves, and nuts she can dig up.



25,000 Years I Waited... And Still We Haven't Overthrown The Oppressors? Comrades!

Class: DPS / Support
Role:Turret Support

To Arms! - Shoves performed by this Hero on Research Terminals and Resource Generators repair them

Comrade Turret - Creates an attacking Turret in front of this Hero

Revolution - Temporarily transforms this Hero's Weapon into a static Turret

Likes:Guns, swords, turrets...,Comrades!
Dislikes:Boredom,The Endless,The Capitalist Economic System

Comrade Oruz is a Remnant - an artificial being created to serve the Endless. Remnants bore the formal title of "Bailiff" but were used to execute any sort of task -- and, rumors had it, any sort of creature, being little better than glorified assassins. After events on the Station left Oruz 'out of commission', they had little to do for millennia but wait to be repaired -- and think, quite extensively, about everything that happened around them. Now, once again awakened and alert, they have discovered a few things: a Station in massive disrepair, massive gaps in their memory, and a massive desire to tear down the society that made them do the horrible things they did.



Unto the breach, with a fire-breathing potion, or unto the beach, with something long, bubbly and well-chilled?

Role:Tech / Crowd Control

Stay Classy - Wit is increased for each monster in the same room (up to a cap)

Shot! - Throws a drink at a targeted Hero whose Fire rate and Attack Damage are increased, depending on the number of monsters in the room (up to a cap)

Bar Fight - Nearby monsters fight each other while efficiency of nearby Heroes increases

Likes:Quality, elegance, connoisseurs,Smooth jazz, witty banter
Dislikes:Rude customers, overtime, prep work,Things that try to kill him while he's exploring

That drive had him crossing the galaxy in search of components for potions and elixirs; these days, refined but ambitious, he seeks the specs of legendary mixologists, and a legendary beverage.



The best things in life are hugs and hopscotch! And, um, killing bugs…

Cartie is nimble, clever, and light-hearted; these were useful characteristics for her people, the Harahara, back when the Station was full of them. Delivered and raised in the Labor Colony district, they helped the Endless keep the Station running by doing maintenance and collecting Dust.
Due to her habit of collecting everything (not just Dust), Cartie ended up being stored for a long time with her collectibles. Oh well, strange things happen sometimes! Now that she is back and running around, all she wants to do is collect more things and kill Bugs, the monsters whose voracious appetites consumed her extended family.



Have broom, will travel.

Born poor and under-skilled on a planet that values money and talent, Cherk's life has been a long, hard slog. When he finally got away to pilot school it was a dream come true; alas, pilot school is expensive (even when you're being trained on wrecks) and eventually he had to drop out and get a job to save up.

He was hired into So*Net as Associate Duster (Intern), and through hard work and dedication worked his way up to Mop Specialist. Unfortunately, his latest gig was on a ship that ended up on a one-way trip to the Station... and all he wants to do now is get off, go back, and get his wings.



ENDLESS™ Dungeon
PlayStation®5/PlayStation®4/Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One/PC(Steam/Epic Games Store)
*The first production of the physical version is the Day One Edition.
Roguelite / Tactical action / Tower defense
Amplitude Studios