Notice of replacement for PS5/PS4 [Persona 3 Reload <English Version>] (Physical Package)

We would like to thank you for your continued support of our products.

We have confirmed an issue with the [Persona 3 Reload <English Version>] (PS4 / PS5 Physical Package), which will be released in Southeast Asia on February 2, 2024 (Friday), in which a different language from the original language is included in the game.

For customers who have purchased this product, and would like to request a replacement, please contact us through the contact information below.

Once we have confirmed the image for the proof of purchase from the store where the purchase was made, SEGA will provide a product code for the digital English version of the software.

We are committed to thorough quality control and will make every effort to prevent a recurrence of this issue. We sincerely apologize for the concern and inconvenience this may cause to customers who have been looking forward to this product.

Product to be exchanged.
Product name: [Persona 3 Reload <English Version>] (PS4 / PS5 Physical Package)
         PS5: EAN code 4974365837853 Product Code ELAS-10602
         PS4: EAN code 4974365825928 Product Code PLAS-11469
Applicable regions: Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, etc.

How to check the software to be exchanged
The product code on the bottom portion of the package spine is either "ELAS-10602" (PS5 version) or "PLAS-11469" (PS4 version), also please refer to the photos attached for the details.

[PS5 version]
PS5 version P3R COVER [PS4 version]
PS4 version P3R COVER Exchange Detail
The software will be exchanged for a product code for the digital edition of the software with the following supported languages: "Audio: Japanese and English Subtitle: English".

SEGA Customer Support
Please attach a image of the proof of purchase from the store where you have purchased the item from and contact us here.

Update: 2 Feb 2024

With regards to our previous announcement, if your physical game packaging looks like the image attached you have received the Chinese version instead of the English version. We apologise for the mix up with your game copies.

【Physical Product Replacement】
1) Preparations are underway to replace the PKG for the affected products.
2) Replacement is currently under discussion and we will update players with further information in our next update.
3) Customers who have contacted SEGA Customer Support and received their digital codes will still be eligible to receive a physical replacement.

【Redemption of Digital Product for Replacement】
1) English Digital code will be given to all affected players.
2) Please contact our customer service with your proof of purchase.
3) Upon verifications you should receive your English digital copy in approximately 24 hours. However, we are currently receiving many inquiries and are working hard to deliver the product within 24 hours but this may take longer than expected.

We seek your understanding as we work to make things right. Stay tuned and we will provide a next update on the 9th of February.

Update: 9 Feb 2024

Thank you for your patience and we apologize for the inconvenience caused.

We are committed to providing you with updates and visibility. We're diligently collaborating with suppliers for production and shipment, which takes time. The replacement for the affected [Persona 3 Reload <English Version>] (PS4 / PS5 Physical Package) will be ready around mid-March.

More details on how you will be able to exchange your affected products will be shared on 21 February. You may contact customer service here.

Update: 21 Feb 2024

Thank you for your patience. We are pleased to inform you that after swift production efforts, the replacement for the [Persona 3 Reload <English Version>] (PS4 / PS5 Physical Package) has been completed. We target to ship the products out on 8th March and should arrive at your retailer in approximately 7 days.

We sincerely appreciate your patience and ongoing support as we continue to address this issue. For complete exchange details, please contact your respective retailers.

Update: 25 Mar 2024

Thank you for your continued support of Persona 3 Reload.

As exchanges at respective retailers have begun and most of the defective products have be retrieved, on 31 March 2024 at 12:59PM, we will be discontinuing Digital Code Replacements at the support desk as well as redemption of the code on the PS Store.

Please note that you can still exchange your affected copies for physical copies. For detailed instructions on how to proceed with a physical copy exchange, we kindly ask you to contact your respective retailers.

We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding throughout this process. or further inquiries, please contact us using the information below.