Sonic Origins has been powered up!

Here are some of the new features!

*Several bugs and actions have been fixed.
Various improvements have also been made through user feedback.

Amy makes
her long-awaited debut

as a playable character!


Amy, the energetic and cheerful hedgehog, is now a playable character! Embark on an adventure with a different flair from the others!

Knuckles can now
be played in Sonic CD!


You can now play as Knuckles in Sonic CD! A special, new route has been added for him as well!

12 additional titles
from the Game Gear!

Sonic titles from the Game Gear have been added!
With Sonic the Hedgehog for the Game Gear, you can enjoy unique stages and soundtracks that are different from those in the Sega Genesis version!

Game Gear titles scheduled to be added:

• Sonic the Hedgehog
• Sonic the Hedgehog 2
• Sonic Chaos
• Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble
• Sonic Drift
• Sonic Drift 2
• Sonic Spinball
• Tails Adventure
• Sonic Labyrinth
• Sonic Blast
• Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
• Tails' Skypatrol

Sonic Origins Plus
original bonus items!

The physical version of Sonic Origins Plus will come with an original artbook and a reversible Sega Genesis jacket.
In addition, the Record-Shaped Rubber Coaster will be given away as a preorder bonus! Also, if you scan the QR code that comes with the game, something will happen!
Try and see for yourselves!