Brand New Modes for More Exciting Fun!

Play the game with its original rules in "Classic Mode" or experience Sonic in a brand new way with "Anniversary Mode" for hours of endless relaxed fun. This is the thrilling high-speed action that only Sonic can deliver!

Anniversary Mode

Run through at Sonic speed on a large 16:9 screen without having to see the time over, continue, or game over screens.
You can also use Coins to retry the Special Stage as many times as you need until you collect all the Chaos Emeralds and Time Stones!

Classic Mode

Play the game on the original 4:3 screen with the original rules. Once you run out of Lives, it will be Game Over.

Boss Rush

Continuously battle all the Bosses that appear in the series.

Mirror Mode

Once you have cleared either Anniversary Mode, Classic Mode, or Story Mode, you can run through the flipped world in "Mirror Mode."

Introducing Missions, Museum, and more!

Story Mode

Play as Sonic and run through all the classic Sonic titles in chronological order.


Challenge yourself by clearing Missions in "Mission Mode" to get Coins.


Unlock a variety of content and add it to your collection.
As you progress through the game, you will automatically unlock items in the "Normal Collection." You can also use Coins acquired from "Boss Rush" and "Missions" to unlock items in the "Premium Collection."
Some content is from the original games' development stages and has never been released to the public!

My Data & Ranking

Record your best time for each Act and and check out the Ranking to see players' times around the world. Run through as quick as you can and aim for the top spot in the World Ranking!