PROLOGUE | Sonic Frontiers | SEGA


The Starfall Islands,
a land forgotten by all.
While following traces of the Chaos Emeralds,
Sonic, Amy, and Tails head towards
the Starfall Islands.

However, trouble erupts as they approach
the island in the trusty Tornado.
A wormhole appears in the sky
and sucks Sonic in,
separating him from his friends!

When Sonic wakes up,
he finds himself stuck in "Cyber Space".
His surroundings resemble
a place he's familiar with,
but everything is digital...
Sonic manages to escape Cyber Space
and wakes up on Kronos Island,
one of the Starfall Islands.
The island is home to ruins filled
with ancient mysteries and eerie enemies.

Guided by a mysterious voice,
Sonic begins to search for his friends.
What secrets lie asleep on this island?
A strange girl, Sage, blocks Sonic's path.
What are her intentions?