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Second free content update, "Sonic's Birthday Bash", out now!

Second free content update, "Sonic's Birthday Bash", out now!
The second massive free content update for Sonic Frontiers, "Sonic's Birthday Bash", is now live!
This update is packed with new features, including Birthday Party Decoration, Action Chain Challenge, New Game+, and more!
Make sure to check them out!

Birthday Party Decoration
Switch the islands' appearance and Sonic's outfit to a birthday theme.

Action Chain Challenge
Enjoy using Score Attacks across the Starfall Islands in this entertaining, new feature! Try aiming for a high score!

New Skill: Spin Dash
By fulfilling certain conditions, the new Spin Dash ability can be unlocked for Sonic. Spin Dashes allow you to attack enemies while moving. This will speed up your adventure to new heights, so try to discover how to unlock it!

New Collectable Koco
New types of Koco can now be found across the Starfall Islands. Bringing them to Elder Koco will increase Sonic's boost gauge.

Status map
Your progress, such as the number of guardians or Portal missions cleared, will now be displayed when moving between islands, during the island selection screen, or after clearing an island.

“Frontier Elite” costume
After fulfilling various conditions, you will be rewarded with the Frontiers Master outfit. Enjoy Sonic Frontiers to the fullest to obtain this rare prize!

New Game+
New Game+ can now be selected from the title screen after beating the game. This mode allows players to start from the beginning while keeping their skills and upgrades from the previous playthrough.

Other Additional Features
After receiving feedback from Sonic Frontiers players, we have made the following adjustments:
  • • The deceleration speed when jumping can now be changed.
  • • An icon will now be displayed when new content is added to Extras.
  • • Music shifts in Cyber Space caused by certain effects can now be toggled on and off.
  • • Adjusted the difficulty of the towers on Rhea Island when playing on Easy.
  • • An icon will now be displayed in Cyber Space results if an additional action or function was used.
  • • Clear times in Arcade Mode, Cyber Space Challenge, and Battle Rush can now be reset.
  • • The skill camera can now be toggled to best suit your playstyle.
  • • Sonic's inertia before he stops can now be adjusted.
  • • The boost speed retained when airborne can now be adjusted.
  • • 24 songs have been added to the Juke Box, and a Sound Memory has been added to each island.
  • • Fixes for some known bugs have also been implemented